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Universal Permalinks? Check.

Well, not really, but almost.

I finished a nice little plugin for a friend that will automatically Romanize permalinks for post and pages on WordPress.

Seems like this is a common annoying issue for non-latin users, that many people may have solved but noone -as far as I know- made the solution available.

The plugin’s documentation currently sits here, although I have requested for it to be hosted by

Wordpress Plugin Downloads

Click here to download the latest plugin version

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  1. Hi!

    Is it possible that I could make this plugin work with the press this bookmarklet?

    Right now it works OK when I write my post within the main WordPress interface, but not when I post with press this.

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback.
      I will investigate your comment, as it stands to reason that it should work from the bookmarklet.
      Be on the lookout for an update soon!

    • After looking at the WordPress codebase and the Press This functionality, unfortunately it looks like making Press This work with Universal Slugs is at this point not possible, due to the way WordPress is wired up. I suggest you try Press This Reloaded which makes the Press This link point to the proper form, while still populating the post. Please let me know if that works.

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