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Elscripto Spectacularrr

A (kinda) cross-platform batch terminal scripting gem, that allows you to configure terminal tab groups using YAML and fire them up with one command. Works on OSX, KDE and Gnome desktops.

Support for more platforms is coming, although you could also help!


gem i elscripto
cd ./myrailsproject/
elscripto init
# fire up an editor and uncomment your desired commands
elscripto start


  • Platform agnostic. All you need to know is how to edit a YAML configuration file, and you’re good to go on any platform.
  • Low dependency count. The gem uses tools built into the host system. If you run anything between KDE-base and OSX super-mecha red lion or whatever, this thing works.
  • Supports custom command definitions. Name and define a command in a custom configuration file or in your working folder.
  • Includes built-in commands. Common Ruby on Rails development tasks are already defined.


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